A downloadable Final Fantasy IV for Windows

Everyone knows the story of Final Fantasy IV by now. Yet, I've always wondered what if things had gone a different way? What if, say, Rydia had never joined your party? Or Kain had stayed with you after the incident in Mist? These questions and more are what this game explores, and tries to give a definitive answer to.

This is not a scene-by-scene remake, but rather a re-imagining of what I think a "parallel dimension" Final Fantasy IV would have played like. For the graphics, I took a lot of inspiration from the PSP remake, though I did try to up the quality of the graphics at least a little bit (especially using Celianna's tilesets which are amazing). Most of the tracks from the original game have been replaced with remastered/remixed tracks from all over the internet, such as OCRemix, the DS version, Dissidia, and many Youtube artists.

I'd like to note here that I went for a blending of several prior versions of the game in terms of the actual 'feel' of the game. Such as the title screen, I went for the classic U.S. release on SNES and just upped the graphics as much as I could. Other areas will have more of a SNES feel while others will reference the PSP and even DS versions at times. The maps themselves are similar to, but not exact, replicas of the original maps from the SNES version. Dialogue is going to be a mix of the Gameboy Advance translation with original story by me.

IMPORTANT - If you receive an error that you are missing xinput1_3.dll, you need to download the following (safe download from Microsoft's site) 
DirectX Jun2010


- Random Encounter Radar System
- Battle Rows similar to the original game
- Classic side-view Final Fantasy-type battle system
- New cut-scenes and dialogue depicting an alternate version of events from the original story
- 8 - 15 hours of gameplay
- Enemy HP Bars
- Full XInput gamepad/controller compatibility
- New "Lunar Expanse" bonus area
- New "hidden" Arena

Special Controls:

To enter Lunar Whale's control room:
Keyboard - Q key
Gamepad - L button

Install instructions

To begin the game, simply open the folder and click on Game.exe . A shortcut to the game has been created for your convenience in the folder, so that you can access the game via your desktop.




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